Carlo Bonomi
President of Confindustria

Unprecedented challenges stand ahead of us, and Confindustria is committed to making business speak one voice. We call on the G20 to boost an immediate recovery and to put in motion a longsighted plan to reshape the future of our economies and of our societies. The way forward is mandatory, and it remains unchanged: a much more cohesive coordination between governments, international organizations, and stakeholders, business above all.

Emma Marcegaglia
B20 Chair

This conjuncture is incomparably more severe than the one that saw the genesis of the G20 in the aftermath of the last decade’s crisis. Ensure preparedness, strengthen resilience, promote and enforce sustainability and inclusiveness at all levels are ever-since objectives of the B20, that from now on must be achieved altogether with a new vision in mind, as we have stepped into a new paradigm. We work for 2021 to be remembered as the beginning of a new era.


The inception meeting constitutes the official start of all the B20 cycles. It will take place on a virtual platform on January 21 and 22. The agenda is made up of two different parts. A first part…
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