About B20

The Business 20 (B20) is the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community. Established in 2010, reserved to companies and business organisations, it is among the most prominent G20 Engagement Groups. The B20 composes of an average of over 1,000 delegates from the G20 countries, including top executives from the leading multinational corporations. It accounts around 2,000 participants representing an overall business community of over 6.5 million businesses.

The B20 delivers concrete actionable policy recommendations on priorities established by each rotation presidency to spur economic growth and development. Its working proceeding is based on Task Forces (TFs) and Action Councils (ACs) entrusted with developing consensus-based policy proposals to the G20 and to international organizations and institutions. Each TF is composed of around 100 businesses representatives from the G20 countries and from selected invited countries and international organisations. The B20 Italy officially conveys its final communiqué to the G20 Presidency at the occasion of the B20 Final Summit that takes place traditionally at least one month ahead of the G20.

Previous B20 Cycles

2010 in Seoul (South Korea)

2011 in Cannes (France)

2012 in Los Cabos (Mexico)

2013 in St. Petersburg (Russia)

2014 in Brisbane (Australia)

2015 in Antalya (Turkey)

2016 in Hangzhou (China)

2017 in Berlin (Germany)

2018 in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2019 in Tokyo (Japan)

2020 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

About B20 Italy


Carlo Bonomi
President of Confindustria

Unprecedented challenges stand ahead of us, and Confindustria is committed to making business speak one voice. We call on the G20 to boost an immediate recovery and to put in motion a longsighted plan to reshape the future of our economies and of our societies. The way forward is mandatory, and it remains unchanged: a much more cohesive coordination between governments, international organizations, and stakeholders, business above all.

Emma Marcegaglia
B20 Chair

This conjuncture is incomparably more severe than the one that saw the genesis of the G20 in the aftermath of the last decade’s crisis. Ensure preparedness, strengthen resilience, promote and enforce sustainability and inclusiveness at all levels are ever-since objectives of the B20, that from now on must be achieved altogether with a new vision in mind, as we have stepped into a new paradigm. We work for 2021 to be remembered as the beginning of a new era.

Italy chairs the sixteenth G20 Summit. Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industry, is the unique B20 host organization. An Advisory Board composed of prominent Italian CEOs, and an International Advocacy Caucus of High level CEOs from the G20 countries will assist the B20 leadership respectively in streamlining the B20 strategic vision and in leveraging its policy deliverables. The B20 will operate through seven Task Forces and one Action Council zooming in key topics of the global economic agenda. Each Task Force will be chaired by an Italian CEO, co-chaired by CEOS from the G20 countries, and composed of approximately 100 members.

Against the current extraordinarily adverse conjuncture, a renewed commitment and a regenerated coordination between public and private sector are highly needed in all fields and across all sectors. The B20 Italy priorities will focus on:


An Action Council will address the G20 on how to face systemic threats under a sustainability-oriented and coordinated framework:


At the Inception Meeting a new Special Initiative was established to collect from all Task Forces/Action Council inputs on:


The B20 is supported by valuable partnerships with international business organisations and associations – “Network Partners”, and with leading global strategic consulting firms – “Knowledge Partners”. For the first time in B20 cycles, Confindustria has included some Italian Universities as “Scientific Partners”.

A Secretariat will handle the operational management of the B20, while Confindustria experts will overlook the implementation of the task forces’ activities and ensure consistency with the G20 agenda.

During the Presidency year the B20 will be actively involved in most relevant international Fora and events under the aegis of G20 reaching the global audience of institutional and socio-economic actors. A close interaction with the G20 Presidency and a robust communication plan will ensure that its advocacy is effective, and its voice is heard widely.

After the handover from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Italy, the B20 Italy will formally start on January 21-22, 2021 and it will hold the Final Summit on October 7-8, 2021. All other in-between events will be organized according to the most appropriate logistic and in full compliance with the highest safety standards, while highly advanced systems and platforms will allow a fully immersive virtual interaction and communication.


B20 Italy 2021 is a sustainable event which will be ISO 20121 certified.

Adopting the sustainable management system, Confindustria Servizi intends to improve sustainability throughout its whole management cycle aiming at improving economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability at large. Its goal is to create shared value, as a positive legacy based on a sound and transparent relationship with both internal and external stakeholders.

B20 is a sustainable event, ISO 20121 certified by TÜV Italia

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