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You can apply by filling in the application form on this website’s HOMEPAGE. B20 applicants can select a Task Force, the Action Council only, or one Task Force and the Action Council. However, the applicants maintain the rights to indicate a second-choice TF.

The number of members is limited to around 100 for the Task Forces and 50 for the Action Council.

Both the Task Forces and the Action Council produce a Policy Paper and operate through the same calendar and procedures. Half of the members of the Action Council will be selected among applicants that have chosen one Task Force and have flagged positively the question: “Do you want to participate in the Action Council Sustainability & Global Emergencies as well?” whereas the other half will be selected among those that have chosen the Action Council as first choice.

Participation in the Task Forces or Action Councils of past B20 editions does not exclude you from participating in the B20 Italy 2021 as well.

All applicants will receive feedback by email no later than January 7.

Criteria for the selection process will be based on the expertise and experience of the applicant on matters related to the selected Task Force / AC. The B20 traditionally ensures a balanced representation on regional, gender and sectoral basis.

As far as B20 events are concerned you will take part in: January’s Inception Meeting; Four-to-five conference calls between February and July (if travel and safety requirements allow it), a joint Task Force/Action Council meeting, possibly before June. Regarding your contribution to the policy recommendations, you will take part in an initial survey to rank the priority topics. After that, your main contribution will consist in providing your added-value to the discussions in view of the finalisation of the policy paper.

Members will be granted access to a reserved area of the website and will be able to view the other members of his/her TF/AC.

The goal of the Task Force is the formulation of a Policy Paper containing policy recommendations and policy actions addressed to the G20.

The B20 Secretariat, together with the Knowledge, Network and Scientific Partners, will prepare the first drafts of the position papers under the direction of the Chair, who will closely coordinate with his/her Co-Chairs. The focus topics will be determined through a survey among participants submitted before the inception event. The final recommendations are the result of a transparent and inclusive exchange between the Task Force/Action Council Members throughout the conference calls.

Please refer to each Task Force/Action Council section on the website for the calendar of the next conference call. Furthermore, you can find more information on the plenary events on the B20 Italy website homepage.

Please use the form available in the CONTACT US section of the website for any unanswered queries.

B20 is a sustainable event, ISO 20121 certified by TÜV Italia

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