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Confindustria Servizi, in charge of the organization of “B20 Italy 2021” hybrid event, aims to implement its own Sustainable Event Management System in compliance with ISO 20121:2013 standards improving social, economic and environmental sustainability along the entire management cycle, leaving a positive legacy for the community based on dialogue, transparency, identity, and culture which are at the basis of Confindustria’s sustainability policies.

Certifying events it organizes, the goal of Confindustria is to reduce the environmental impact of events held at its own facilities, other facilities or online, respecting an Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, a Code of Ethics and a Disciplinary System that verifies the management control system and the management of financial flows.

Confindustria Servizi undertakes to quantify, monitor and report the results achieved in terms of its sustainability goals, and to distribute the report to interested stakeholders.

Thanks to the innovative approach given by Sustainable Management adopted by Confindustria Servizi in organizing the hybrid event B20 Italy 2021, UNI:ISO 20121 certification was obtained!

Throughout the management cycle, Confindustria Servizi has respected the principles and rules for responsible and sustainable behavior in the economic, social and environmental dimensions.

The new skills acquired as a result of the event leave a positive legacy for the community.

UNI ISO 20121 certification is considered the legacy of B20 Italy 2021 for the future B20 events.

B20 is a sustainable event, ISO 20121 certified by TÜV Italia

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