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Health is a fundamental human right and is essential for a sustainable economic and social development. Improve current and future generations health and well-being, reduce health inequalities, broaden access to high-quality care, strengthen public health and encourage public-private collaboration, enhance people centricity and engagement, ensure advanced training of healthcare professionals, boost R&D and facilitate access to innovation, are the strategic goals of the Health & Life Sciences industry.

Advanced scientific research, technological innovation and digital transformation are crucial means to fulfill these goals as they have a demonstrated capacity to improve the impact of care and cost-effectiveness. This endeavor calls for a profound redesign of health systems as their sustainability is challenged by many factors such as economic, social and environmental changes, aging population as well as expansion of chronic and infectious diseases as Covid-19. The pandemic has stressed health systems globally and impacted research organizations at an unprecedented scale. Therefore, the Health and Life Science industry now needs to collaborate with Governments to develop new approaches to respond to these pressures, moving from crisis response to more resilient models.

The commitment of the B20 Italy is to deliver impactful and applicable recommendations to help Governments and societies shape a new governance of the Health and Life Sciences industries and provide a brighter future for all.


Sergio Dompé

Sergio Dompé is an entrepreneur in the biopharmaceutical sector, with a growing role in institutions and industry. A pionieer of biotech in Italy, where he launched the sector un the ‘80s he understood early on the value of biotechnologies for the Life Sciences industry. In 2018 Dompé’s Cenegermin,the first NGF-based biotech principle for the treatment of a rare eye disease, was recognized as Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the FDA. This important milestone was possible thanks to unabiding investments in R&D and in innovative production processes. More recently, Dompé has launched new initiatives in areas such as biotech (Philogen since 2004), artificial intelligence, robotics (Movendo Technology since 2017), new materials and nanotech (Directa Plus since 2016 and Materias since 2019). Over the years, Sergio Dompé has been involved with Institutions and Industry associations at different levels : President of Assobiotec (1998-2004); President of Farmindustria (2005-2011); President of CNR’s Evaluation Committee (2006-2011); Vice President of Assolombarda Life Sciences (since 2019). Among the honors and award received by Sergio Dompé’s in the scientific and institutional fields are: degrees honoris causa in Biotechnology with a focus on pharmaceuticals (University of Bologna, 1996), Medical Biotechnology (University of L’Aquila, 2005) and Pharmacy (Urbino University, 2010).

Deputy Chair

Guido Romeo

Guido Romeo is Corporate Communications Head at Dompé farmaceutici. A former journalist, he has been Editor in chief of Atomium–EISMD’s REIsearch project and Communications director of AI4People. A graduate from the University of Bologna, he holds a journalism degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille, France and a masters in communications. In 2004 he was Armenise-Harvard science-writer fellow at the Harvard School of Medicine. He tweets as @guidoromeo

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