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Sustainability is neither a burden nor an obstacle for business: it is a fundamental factor of global competitiveness. Trade and Investments are key drivers of growth and employment. Market liberalisation and international integration of value chains have contributed to lifting millions of people out of extreme poverty by fostering inclusiveness and diversification through a more efficient allocation of resources. If disciplined by shared rules, that are implemented and respected uniformly, trade and investments are highly functional to the promotion and the dissemination of sustainable standards, processes, systems, technologies and products, as well as to the respect of human rights and to the reduction of global inequalities. To this end, the main and most urgent priority is to avoid the further deterioration of the multilateral trading scheme and to enact a profound reform of the World Trade Organization.

The impact of the pandemic has caused a sharp slowdown in trade and investment flows that has already severely penalised our economies, and that risks to deploying even more dramatic effects on least developed countries. Our commitment is to convey activable and impactful recommendations to invert this trend, and act together to regenerate global governance and to shape a brighter future for all.


Barbara Beltrame Giacomello

Barbara Beltrame Giacomello is a woman, mother and entrepreneur with an international background, currently Head of Communications at AFV Beltrame Group, the most important Italian player in the steel manufacturing industry. The beliefs in her Country, in the future that Italy deserves and in the next generations that will turn this future into reality, are the core values that inspire her daily commitment. After serving as Vice President of Confindustria Vicenza, since May 2020 she is National Vice President of Confindustria, in charge of internationalization. She is also proud to be a member of the ICE Board of Directors and president in charge of Businessmed.

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