The B20 Italy 2021 logo

December 26, 2020

The visual identity of the G20 inspires the B20 logo, focused on the drawing The Vitruvian Man, by Leonardo da Vinci, customizing the geometric elements used.

A circle is inserted in the centre of a square, and it presents a three-dimensional, luminous and radiating object, making a reference to the globe and a network concept clear, and enhancing the dynamic element of the progress, close to the business world. The expanding globality image reflects the B20's identifying values, such as growth, digital development, and networking.

The reassuring limit of the square in gold counteracts this expansive force. The square does not only represent a frame but also the human dimension's expanding boundary – always wider and more advanced. The human dimension is also one of the main features of the Italian entrepreneurial culture, distinguished by paying attention to individuals, training and the social well-being of the regions.

The "humanistic" values make the analogy and parallelism with the Vitruvian Man's prototypical scheme even more useful, here as a symbol of a new "business renaissance", always more global and ever-expanding, but rooted in a profoundly human vision.

B20 is a sustainable event, ISO 20121 certified by TÜV Italia

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